SmartBox Dental Presents: The CEO Dentist Crash Course!
The Five-Part CEO Dentist "Crash Course" That Will Fast Track You To A Lifestyle Most Dentists Don't Believe Is Possible!
The CEO Dentist makes more, works less and generates far more success than 99% of dentists in practice
If you’re a dentist who wants to experience everything dentistry can be, this is for you!

The CEO Dentist Crash Course will teach you:
  • Why more time actually DOESN'T mean more money for you
  • How you can EFFECTIVELY spend less time on your practice and more time doing what you love
  • How to increase your collections AND YOUR PROFIT
  • ​Includes: The CEO Dentist by Colin Receveur (print book) and The CEO Dentist Crash Course Workbook (electronic)
  • A free, 45-minute consultation/implementation call with a SmartBox Practice Growth expert to help you put The CEO Dentist concepts to work in your practice​
$9.97 for A Limited Time! Regularly priced at $95
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Colin Receveur is the founder and CEO of SmartBox Dental, a dedicated dental practice growth firm that provides world-class marketing, team training, and consultation services. He is the author of numerous books on dental marketing and practice growth, and his weekly podcast can be viewed on “A Minute (or Two) With Colin Receveur” on YouTube.
  What People Are Saying:
Since we’ve started with SmartBox, we’ve hired about four or five more staff. We’ve hired another dentist. I think from this time last year we’re up about 25 to 30 percent, and at this point our main issue is having enough space to put folks.
Dr. Michael Kirchner, Jeffersonville, IN
We're spending 30% less money on marketing and attracting more higher quality implant and reconstructive cases than we were before SmartBox. We have access to all the recorded calls that are coming in through all the telephone lines that were set up. Everything is under one umbrella.
Dr. Piyuse Das,
Houston, TX
I have good doctors here and good hygienists and good staff members; if I’m here I’m just another pair of hands. Ultimately, I can go and take a week vacation with my kids and take them to Europe or go somewhere farther away than just California.
Dr. Sean Hanson,
Salem, OR
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